Houston College of Education Information and Career Counselling

Message From The Managing Director

Empowering students with quality education in a wider horizon is the mission we embrace. As the proud Managing Director of Houston Education, I am privileged to be a part of the education scenario today. Understanding the competitive environment, we strive to facilitate excellent educational options for personal growth and career fulfillment of the students aspiring to study abroad.

Houston is not just a company, it is like my second home and the team at Houston is my family. I have established Houston with all my past experiences, continuous hard work and strong dedication. Since its establishment the company has been continuing to add value through in-depth, sensible, ethical and frank discussions with students about their career and further ducation plans within the global education frame. Also of critical importance to us are the parents with whom we spend considerable time in addressing any concerns or issues that they may have regarding their child’s future plans and career options.

Pabitra Thapa Magar

Managing Director

Houston has become synonymous with global education and career planning having assisted large number of students each clarity of purpose while assisting with the process of achieving higher or further education goals. The brand is trusted for the quality of advice, breadth of thinking, our values of ethics and integrity and processes that are transparent and streamlined that are all interwoven into every aspect of our counseling. The company provides an end to end service that begins with sensible and informed discussions with students and parents and ends with taking the hassle out of the application process, getting the visas done and preparing for life at a distant institutions leaving students free to get on with their academics or leaving them free to enjoy some leisure time.

The organization recognizes the nature of the job markets and strives to align the contingent nature of markets with the interests and passion of our students and their goals. One of the objectives in our counseling is to anticipate change in the marketplace that would impact jobs and careers. Our relationships with numerous institutions around the globe allow us to give students inputs and detailed information. Houston Education also does everything possible to negotiate the best possible outcome for students within the established guidelines. Our trained human resource is a very important element of student interaction. Hence we pay a great deal of attention to investing in our people selection with a focus on training both locally and overseas. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff means our students interact with the best in the industry. 

All the members in my Houston team are an important aspect of our success story. I have more to achieve with my Houston Team but by far our reward is when students or parents tell us that we helped them succeed in their goals and lives.