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Study in Europe

The continent of Europe not only provides a wide selection of culture and lifestyles but also provides an opportunity to study in some of the most prestigious universities around the world. With endless choices of highly ranked universities and other educational institutions across its multiple countries, Europe boasts an unquantifiable amount of attractions for international students.

Study in Europe

Europe is almost unmanageable wealth of attraction with diversity of different nations but one unity soul of European. The choice is endless – from highly ranked research universities to smaller, specialized European colleges. No matter where you choose to study, you’ll only be a short train ride or flight away from other countries and cultures. 


The heart of Europe, Netherlands is a multicultural nation home to people from over 200 different nationalities. Its tranquil environment and open-minded society along with a plethora of world-class institutions makes it a hot spot for international students.

Why study in Netherlands?

  • 2,100 + programs
  • Affordable high quality education and living expenses
  • Artistic an innovative teaching methods
  • Multicultural experience in one of the safest and inclusive environment
  • Plenty of career options in Netherlands after graduation
  • Access to the rest of Europe
  • One of the flattest countries in the world, with vast bicycle tracks, it has an outstanding transportation system
  • No communication difficulties ( 90% Dutch people speak English as a second language)


Regularly occupying some of the top ranks in terms of safety and happiness thanks to its high quality of life and per capita income, Denmark is a nation of highly satisfied and modest people. With a focus on innovation, problem-solving and social welfare the education providers are a perfect representation of the generous nature nation’s values. Providing affordable yet high quality education, Denmark has a thriving education system desired by every international student.

Why study in Denmark?

  • High ranking Universities at a competitive price
  • Variety of courses taught in English
  • Globally respected degrees
  • Inclusive and advanced teaching styles
  • Quality lifestyle in a stunningly beautiful and multicultural community
  • Access to other European countries
  • Easy visa processing with no travel complications
  • Learning method that encourages innovation, creativity and problem solving


Located in Western Europe, Germany is the third most popular study option for international students-only behind the USA and the UK. You can find quality education in almost every major city within some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Europe. The highly industrialized member of the European Union it offers high quality of life, relatively low tuition fees, various scholarship programs and decent post-graduation employment prospects.

Why study in Germany?

  • Hundreds of universities that are very affordable or free (public universities are usually free)
  • Prestigious education degrees
  • Students can work during their studies (some restrictions for international students)
  • Highly developed and efficient research infrastructure
  • Excellent transport links to other European countries
  • Experience a mixture of traditional and busy urban lifestyle
  • Attractive post-study options

Dreaming to study abroad But still confused where to start ?

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France is a country famous for its elegant rich culture and history. From its sophisticated cities, spectacular natural scenery, legendary food and wine to being one of the biggest one of the biggest tourism attractions, students can study in high standard educational institutes with a vibrant lifestyle.

Why study in France?

  • Unbelievably cheap top universities (annual fees under 1,000 US$)
  • Strong number of specialized business schools with courses for professional career fields like art, architecture, social work and tourism
  • Tons of courses in English
  • Plenty of scholarship opportunities
  • Highly affordable education and living expenses
  • Experience life in the global center of tourism, philosophy, arts, culture and science
  • Student friendly environment


With a population of just above half a million Luxemburg is a tiny country in Northern Europe that is famous for its splendid cosmopolitan environment. Despite its size Luxemburg provides top-notch education and numerous exciting adventures making it an attractive place for international students.

Why study in Luxembourg?

  • High quality education taught in multicultural context
  • Multiple courses in English
  • Welcoming local population, eager to help outsiders
  • Diverse culture with a safe environment
  • Multilingual local habitants


Home to some of the most modern and innovative educational institutions proving excellent education, Finland is Nordic country that boasts pristine natural beauty and the happiest people in the world. Despite its relatively young education system, the quality of education in Finland is world-class.

Why study in Finland?

  • The universities a large selection of courses with a strong focus on research, collaboration, experimentation and creativity
  • Laid-back and safe cities
  • Affordable education
  • Modern and innovative teaching methods
  • Enjoy the stunning Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
  • Multilingual local population
  • Vibrant international community.

  • Strong local culture.

  • World class institutions and education

  • English is native to the residents.

  • Modern research oriented universities.

  • Well connected with other parts of Europe.

  • Rich in diversity.

  • An affordable destination.


“The Kingdom of Norway” is known for its spectacular natural beauty. Norway sets itself apart from other lands in Europe. With unique designs, infrastructure, music and language, international students can find much to discover. Staying and Studying in Norway has a lot of perks. Norway maintains a potent and an innovative economy, providing students with infinite possibilities to thrive.

In Norway, the university degrees, Masters and PhDs can be received for free. Norway has a lot of fields you can study in, as well as a lot of high quality institutions. Norwegian institutions of higher education and research offer many opportunities for international students to study and work. Norway received a final score of 9 out of 10, taking seventh place in Europe terms of international student satisfaction.

Why study in Norway?

  • Top education institutions.

  • High living standards.

  • Public funded higher educaion.

  • Work while you study.

  • Safe, secure and welcoming environment.

  • Several exchange and scholarship programs to choose from


Sweden is a delightful country with a long history and unique culture, which makes it a great study abroad destination for international students. Sweden is a beautiful country in its own right, but that’s certainly not the main reason students are flocking to the country for their higher education. 

Sweden has a long and proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, its home to some of the world’s best universities. The teaching model applied at Swedish universities is based on the motto ‘freedom with responsibility’. This means that students experience less teacher-led time and mainly pursue studies on their own or in groups.

Why study in Sweden?

  • Affordable tuition fees and low living expenses

  • Work while you study.

  • Work opportunities after you complete your graduation.

  • Innovative learning.

  • Great quality of live with rich culture.

  • No language barrier.

  • Great quality education with globally recognized campuses.